Musical Comedy "Spaced Out"

A fame-seeking former reality TV contestant and a socially deficient cameraman are sent to uncover the secrets of the Beacon, an alien-worshipping cult led by a madman with three wives who believes the aliens are returning to save him and his followers. But we learn something they don't know: our planet lies on the brink of world domination by a surprisingly snarky alien race.

In an age when social network updates and a never-ending slew of viral crap-o-tainment have replaced real, face-to-face human interaction we ask: Has the time come for our surrender?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Larry King Interview: UFOs Turned Off U.S. Nukes During Testing

What a coincidence that "Planet Eden" takes place on an abandoned minuteman missile silo. . . turns out we writers are more psychic than we had imagined...

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