Musical Comedy "Spaced Out"

A fame-seeking former reality TV contestant and a socially deficient cameraman are sent to uncover the secrets of the Beacon, an alien-worshipping cult led by a madman with three wives who believes the aliens are returning to save him and his followers. But we learn something they don't know: our planet lies on the brink of world domination by a surprisingly snarky alien race.

In an age when social network updates and a never-ending slew of viral crap-o-tainment have replaced real, face-to-face human interaction we ask: Has the time come for our surrender?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Co-Creator Douglas Turns 5.0, Celebrates With World Premiere of "Damn You Autocorrect!"

This August 7, 2011 world premiere performance is of "Damn You Autocorrect" by Kurt Crowley and Aaron Kirk Douglas. (c) 2011 Aaron Douglas Enterprises LLC, published by Aaron Douglas Enterprises Music (ASCAP). Posted by permission. Performed live in Portland, Ore. at Tony Starlight's Lounge by Mr. Douglas for his 50th birthday party.

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