Musical Comedy "Spaced Out"

A fame-seeking former reality TV contestant and a socially deficient cameraman are sent to uncover the secrets of the Beacon, an alien-worshipping cult led by a madman with three wives who believes the aliens are returning to save him and his followers. But we learn something they don't know: our planet lies on the brink of world domination by a surprisingly snarky alien race.

In an age when social network updates and a never-ending slew of viral crap-o-tainment have replaced real, face-to-face human interaction we ask: Has the time come for our surrender?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What the Audience Is Saying. . . Get Your Tickets Now!

"Spaced Out!" has one last reading tonight!

What the audience is saying:
“Original, funny, moving – 2 thumbs up & 2 snaps!”
“I really enjoyed the songwriting and melodies are on par with high-falutin’ productions I’ve seen – stellar.”
“I hate the word bitches!”
“I don’t think barnacle poo is funny.”
“It really worked. So enjoyed this!”
“I loved the music!”

When we asked: "What was the point of the story?" Here's what the audience said:
“Authenticity vs. fa├žade”
“Love, honesty and the shortcomings of the human spirit.”
“A deconstruction to eac character’s selfishness.”
“The beauty of blind ignorance and the fun of splashing in it.”
“Babymaker, Walgreens and Sandy’s finale Killed it!”
“How our perceptions of reality are fucked up by TV, texting and social media.”
“Fuck media, trust your human heart!”

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